7-Day Fat Loss Hacks' Coaching Course

7-Day Fat Loss Hacks' Coaching Course. Learn How to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Reach Ideal Body Weight and Maintain it Long-Term.

7-Day Fat Loss Hacks' Coaching Course

Make it happen this time...........BUILD YOUR BEST BODY EVER AND KEEP IT THAT WAY FOR GOOD!


Do you want to eat better and exercise to be healthier, burn more fat and lose permanent weight? Going in circles with your health and body appearance can wreck your self confidence and of course, your health.

Read and follow the recommendations in this coaching course, like thousands have already done, to build your best lean body and reach your ideal body weight.  And, feel better than you have felt in months or years while always having the natural energy to accomplish your daily goals.


Read these 2 testimonials about how to lose major pounds the right way:

[Hi Mark,

"I used many of the ideas you wrote about and lost 50 pounds between April, 2008-March, 2009, so everything that you wrote is very true and very very helpful. It's almost a year later and I've kept off 45 of them, and the other 5 will fall away soon (too much eating out these past couple of months!). So I think a lot of women will relate to what you are writing. Have a great day! --- Take care." Alison S.

Fifty pounds lost in one year. That is about 4 pounds a month. That’s Alison’s steady progress toward building her lean body.

"I have lost over 60 pounds in the last 5 months using Mark's workout programs, nutritional advice and just staying with it and not quitting....and my body fat percentage has decreased from 45% to under 30%!" ---Jorge P.]

In this 7-Day Fat Loss Hacks' Coaching Course, you will learn:                                                                                                                                                      


1. The 5 Pillars of Long-term Health, Fat Loss and Body Transformation

2. How to Apply Mental Training and Re-Programming to Overcome Self-Sabotaging and Limiting Beliefs

3. How NOT to Become a Desperate Weight Loss Yo-Yo Dieter

4. You will Learn How to be a Weight Loss Hack (Maintainer)

5. Learn the Role of Dietary Supplements for Health, Fat Loss and Body Transformation

And, here are some other critical areas you will learn about in this course:


• How to ditch the fad diets and establish healthy eating habits you can maintain long-term.  You will never be hungry while eating foods you love.

• How to fix your damaged metabolism caused by chronic starvation diets.

• The foods you should eat all the time to stay lean as well as what not to eat.

• The exercise and nutrition strategies that ALWAYS work to build your lean body, based on your body type.

• How to build muscle and burn body fat at the same time.  Since muscle mass is your top fat-burning tool, you must learn how not to do things that waste away your valuable muscle mass.

• If you have stubborn body fat, such as love handles, low back fat and butt fat, you will learn how to burn it off.

• How to do low-carb cycling to burn fat without losing muscle mass.

• Learn the best cardio exercise to burn fat without wasting away your muscle mass.

You CAN lose weight the right way and keep it off!


Don’t waste your money if an advertised infomercial program offers a quick solution to your weight problem!  A permanent solution takes hard, smart work and sacrifice on your part. Human nature always seeks the path of least resistance.

So, you can see why commercial weight loss programs promote things such as “in 2 weeks....” The promotion may be partially true, but what they don’t tell you is the most critical part of the fitness equation: fat loss is the key to permanent weight loss. I will tell you how to achieve it in this course.

I can't count how many people have asked me for advice on how to burn fat, lose weight and shape up. Yet, they basically continue to do the same workouts that haven't worked. We are all comfortable with familiarity but you won't get different results doing the same things. Similarly, a great meal plan won't do you any good if you don't use it consistently.

I'm talking about--Changing Your Behaviors--so you can transform your body from fat to lean. It takes much time, sacrifice and trial and error. You will have to change your lifestyle.

There are no shortcuts to building the healthy, lean and toned body you want and need!

How about you? Are you ready to burn body fat  and build your lean body?     Let's get started!                                                                   

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Intended Audience: Men, Women, Overweight, Obese, Exercisers, Sedentary, Diabetic

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Day 1 - YOU--Setting and Visualizing Goals
Day 2 - Five Building Blocks of Health, Fat Loss and Weight Loss
Day 4 - Social Support
Day 5 - Your Reward System
Day 6 - Setbacks and Adjustments
Day 7 - Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance

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